Mentalism Magic – The Secrets Revealed

<p>Mentalism is probably the most popular and growing form of magic today.</p>
<p>It is also one of the areas that frighten most novice magicians because of the ambiguity surrounding them. </p>
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<p>Of course, this mystery is part of the act, and once you know the hidden secrets behind what really happens in most tricks and mental routine, you will discover that it is no more (or less) demanding to learn of any other kind. Of the magic trick.</p>
<p>The power of tricks and mental routines are fundamentally based on two things: the first is that it responds to the basic hopes and fears of the human mind. </p>
<p>Just think about how popular the ghost stories and spiritual readings and UF.O. Scenes and anything which suggests that there is “something more” in life than the monotonous daily experience.</p>
<p>Another is that it is among all the magical traditions that he does more to hide his true techniques in a cloud of mystery and misinformation.</p>
<p>However, what really distinguishes the mental trick from any other simple magic effect is the style and context of the presentation.</p>
<p>The techniques are almost like basic magic techniques for any other branch or magic style.</p>
<p>Quite simply, mentalist proposes that this work is carried out by “psychic” forces, or more commonly these days, by some “smart” psychic techniques. </p>
<p>Most magic tricks do not make such claims. Everyone knows that the effects are achieved by “playing hands” and the bad direction.</p>
<p><a href=””>The key to understanding the magic of mentalism</a> is to realize that assertions of “psychic” powers and “psychological” techniques are simply a state of smoke and mirrors; they are simply elements of a person’s mental mindset. </p>
<p>In fact, most mental actions use a trick or treat extensions, “practical” and the wrong direction in the same way as other magic tricks.</p>
<p>This may disappoint some people who want to believe that something mysterious is happening, but if you want to perform mentalism, you should know!</p>
<p>Derrin Brown, one of the most famous mentalists working today, who offers mentalism as ‘clever psychology’” was very candid about the tricks he uses. </p>
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<p>For example, he did a routine, by the way, he did not invent (I think it came from the great mentalist of the last century, Theodore Annemann) in the British TV show Richard and Judy, where he claimed to plant a letter inside the presenter’s brain through brilliant psychology when it looked she’d a totally free choice to mentally choose some letter of the alphabet.</p>
<p>Actually, it’s a classic regime and also depends on a gimmicked thumb suggestion with a little pencil lead concealed in the conclusion of it. So just how did it work?</p>
<p>The announcer was asked to think of a letter, a letter, but not an R or a j, because that would be very clear and he would have the message clearly in mind. </p>
<p>Then he took a piece of paper and seemed to write about it with a pencil and then give it up. He then put the paper behind his back and asked her to reveal the message he had chosen. He quickly took out the piece of paper and wrote the chosen letter!</p>
<p>In fact, actually did not write anything the first time. The paper was empty as he held it behind his back. As soon as she told him what the message was, he simply wrote it down on the paper with his thumb before revealing it.</p>
<p>The reason I give you this example is not in any way to undermine or expose Green Brown, who is an excellent performer and is right to admire. It is only to give an example of how easy, in fact, mentalities can be. What we really need is a lot of courage, and once again, a good deal with traditional techniques of manipulation and misdirection.</p>
<p>If you are a magician or an ambitious magician, you should add at least some mental effects to your routine. The public’s appetite for these tricks is unsatisfactory. There are many good books and educational videos, especially useful and downloadable, which are a great place to start. We also cover about best books to master mentalism course. Check the link below</p>
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