Caribbean Cruise Destinations – Visit the ABC Islands

Regular site visitors to the Caribbean will acquainted with the term given to a team of three Caribbean islands: the ABC islands. There is absolutely nothing simple about them at all: the ABCs in issue are actually the islands of Aruba, Curacao and Bonaire, three Dutch or perhaps previously Dutch islands only off the coastline of Venezuela.

Aruba is actually probably the smallest but additionally the richest of the islands, as well as has a rich assortment of activities and sights for the guests of its, that come from the Netherlands, the United States, South America and several other areas of the planet. Several of the most famous spots in Aruba include things like Eagle Beach and Palm Beach, that host about half a million holidaymakers each year.

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The boomerang shaped island of Bonaire is actually an area of great natural beauty. Nature lovers are going to enjoy the sight of a large number of pink flamingos in the salt pans of the Pekelmeer as well as divers is familiar with all the underwater treasures to be discovered in the Bonaire Marine Park.

The crystal clear waters of the Curacao Marine Park are actually a haven to divers and snorkelers alike. The spectacularly colourful coral reefs, and tropical fish are actually visible quite near the coastline. Having a brief excursion on the Seaworld Explorer is actually a terrific way to check out the underwater treasures of the marine park in case you do not aruba beaches wish to get wet; throughout the glass bottom part of the boat, you are able to see and enjoy the abundant marine life that surrounds you.

Whichever of the ABC islands you want to see, you are sure to have a great Caribbean vacation experience!

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