AARTO – 150 % Traffic Fine Increase Shock Coming for Fleet Owners

Beware fleet owners, since you are going to have to pay fifty % far more for the prescribed fines, instead of half price now supplied by AARTO, for traffic fines issued in Johannesburg.

This comes after the JHB Metro police (JMPD) on the 1st of April began applying a new provision in the AARTO Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences Act that solely comes into detailed force later on in 2010, together with the brand-new demerit system

All AARTO fines currently provide a fifty % discount in case compensated in full within thirty two days, but these days in case you look at the web-based payment process, “Payfine” the new length payable for company vehicles is now 50 % more.

Our company did an enquiry and had been told the good discount trebles if the business pays it rather than getting issued fine reissued for the driver concerned that committed the offence. NJMCDirect reissuing process is administratively difficult and most companies typically prefer to pay themselves in order to deal with it until the complete demerit system comes into effect.

Companies just do not recognize the law as well as the legitimate rights relating to their drivers committing traffic offenses.

The brand new AARTO application is now merely applicable just in the Pretoria and Johannesburg area.

On July one 2010 AARTO comes into pressure in Ekurhuleni area (Gauteng’s East Rand), eThekwini (Durban), also Nelson Mandela Bay (Port Elizabeth) as well as Cape Town, but without the new demerit system in effect.

Based on a public notice in the Government Gazette, the full demerit point system comes into full operation countrywide on November 1 2010, however, rumors are that it’ll be postponed until January 2011.

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