Ways In order to Remove Popcorn Ceilings

It is a thing that buyers cringe discovering when previewing homes on the market. The dreaded (and dated) popcorn ceiling. It is a task which, with a little effort and time, could be easily tackled by a homeowner. Nevertheless, could be also hired out at a fair cost to an expert. Having a smooth ceiling is able to make an impact in any room. A do-it-yourselfer could tackle the popcorn ceiling removing, however it is going to take a little time, manual labor as well as an assortment of supplies. The most difficult thing about the task is typically looking up at the ceiling for a prolonged time.

One condition which could come up when checking out removing a popcorn ceiling is whether the ceiling have been painted over. If paint has been put on to the popcorn ceiling feel, then it is going to prevent water from becoming absorbed into the structure (making removal even more difficult). Additional products might be used to aid in removing the popcorn texture. Generally, a chemical stripper put on to the area is going to aid in the description of the color barrier.

In case you choose to take out the popcorn ceilings yourself, then be sure to use a respirator or perhaps dust mask and eye protection. Keeping the section that you’re working on damp is going to aid in reducing the dust produced by removing the popcorn ceiling.

Below are seven Steps to assist in Popcorn Ceiling Removal Near Mes:

Step one: Before tackling the task of taking out popcorn ceilings, it should be determined whether it contains asbestos. When the house was created before 1978, then mailing off of several samples for screening is a necessity. Any EPA certified testing laboratory should have the ability to test the samples. Remember that the popcorn texture which contained asbestos might nonetheless be bought off of store shelves while into the 1980’s. Should your ceiling have asbestos, then an authorized asbestos removal contractor must be employed to finish the job. Remember which by law, any substance that contains more than one % asbestos must be eliminated by an asbestos removal expert. Leaving an asbestos ceiling in position does not inflict much harm, it is once the asbestos is disturbed it poses a much better health risk.

Step two: The next phase of the project is usually to prepare the space. To do this, almost all light fixtures must be eliminated (but be sure to switch off the power before this’s done). If any couch is in the area, then it may be either removed or perhaps covered. Then, put up clear plastic sheeting on the wall space as well as floors attached with painters tape to capture all the popcorn ceiling residue.

Step three: Begin to damp the ceiling. A garden sprayer is a great tool for this phase as you operate in a location of four to five square feet at a moment. Just be mindful not to over wet the ceiling area.

Step four: scrape, scrape, scrape. The’ popcorn’ like substance is usually eliminated by scraping the ceiling having a joint knife or any other similar tool. If a location presents difficulty in taking out the popcorn ceiling, then extra water may be required to wet the area much more thoroughly.

Step five: Cover some nail holes or perhaps bare bones with joint compound. Next, sand the ceiling in planning for painting and priming.

Step six: Paint or perhaps consistency coat the ceiling. Go to a paint store expert for ideas on paint. Most professionals are going to suggest a drywall primer being applied initially followed by a ceiling color or perhaps conventional paint. Remember that a flat finish generally hides imperfections better compared to other kinds of paint finishes.

Step seven: Clean up! The odds are the room is significantly kept up to date through the removal of the popcorn ceiling. Today it is time to tidy up and enjoy the fruit of the labor of yours.

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