The top Strategy To Kickstart Your current Career within Event Planning

What don’t you have to begin the career of yours in event planning? Clients, of course!

It can be a challenge for event planners just starting out in the organization to find those chances, however. It’s not that these opportunities don’t exist. It is simply that you can quickly feel overwhelmed at the thought of putting yourself out there to help make the introductions.

Event Planning Trade Secret

When I first launched my event planning business almost a decade before, I purposely did not carry business cards. This was a wonderful way for me to chat about my company to prospects instead of simply giving them a card they might stuff in a drawer.

My method was for these individuals to get to know me and the business of mine, even during a few short minutes. They put a face, a personality with my name and my company. This made me more than an identity on a business card when I was being forced to strive to prove myself as an entrepreneur.

The #1 Strategy to be able to Kickstart Your Career in Event Planning

A career in event planning revolves around networking. You network with the clients of yours. You network with suppliers and vendors. You are continuously networking to grow that web of people who can be clients or can help you take off the foremost event of the life of yours.

What’s The toughest Thing You will Have to be able to Do To Start Your Career In Event Planning?

But the most challenging networking you’ll ever be required to do is when you’re marketing yourself, specifically when you’re first starting the career of yours in event planning. This means you have to be ready to speak about your business 24/7. You’ve to reach the spotlight without sounding like you’re having a megaphone in front of someone’s face screaming for business.

The neighbor of yours might mention his niece’s bar mitzvah is coming up. The woman you always speak to at the gym might make a comment about her company’s annual fundraiser. Talk to your friends. Talk to clients. Find your common ground with them to start new doors. Walk into businesses. Join the Chamber of Commerce. Attend business expos.

Smile. Shake hands. Make those introductions. You’ll almost certainly feel like a political person sans the baby kissing!

But all of those little informal meetings will lead you to that a ha! moment when someone you’re working many connections with says, “Hey! We were just speaking about designing a luncheon for our clients” or even “My company does not have any events coming up at this moment but I basically got engaged and need someone to design my wedding.”

Networking is the easiest, best, cheapest, even fun way to drum up business. Every introduction you make can result in new clients so don’t ever give up doing work those people connections and knocking on those doors.

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