Texture and Interior Design

Ever wondered why people are becoming really considering issues which are old, to the point of distressing new furniture? Don’t you find the sight a bit odd – individuals hitting brand new wood with big heavy chains making it look old? Why are individuals crackling their walls and furniture, taking objects out of attics and basements for their living spaces, as well as esteeming worm holes and green (a sign of age) of such great worth?

We stay in an era of plastics, glass, steel, laminated wood and vinyl. It is all smooth and without character. We’ve reached the position where we are nostalgic for the rough hewn timber of log cabins, and the well-worn, wooden floorboards of our ancestors. Everyone is constructing new, expensive homes using supplies salvaged from the past. Our world has gotten so complex we want to retreat to a more soothing world. Old things can have a calming effect on us.

In a lot of occasions things with texture stand for our past. The majority of old things are loaded with texture. Log homes, old wood floors, braided rugs, cross-stitch, afghans, and quilts are all rich in texture. There is a good deal of difference in texture between a needlepoint picture over the wall instead of a poster, covered in cup and surrounded by a cold, metal frame.

Lack of structure has come to symbolize wealth in some areas. By far the most expensive fabrics are very smooth. Sofas in traditional living rooms are generally upholstered in shiny, soft fabric. arredamenti brescia have high luster finishes. Contrast this with the resurgence of pine, that has more texture, and with bleached timber. Years ago texture was brought into the home with grass cloth, flocked wallpaper, cutaway upholstery fabric, and shag carpet. Several of these items have become in style again. (Those of us which are a bit older still wince at the words shag and carpet together.)

You can find numerous strategies to bring texture into your home such as Berber carpet & flowers and plants. Special painting techniques add texture and richness to walls. Chenille, rich in texture, is very well known in upholstery and blankets. Blinds are being pulled down from windows, as well as being changed by texture abundant fabrics. If you are seeking to take action to spruce up a boring room, take a look around and see if you may possibly be missing texture in the room. You may be able to get the success you want with the addition of merely a touch of texture.

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