Protection From H1N1 Virus

A lot of men and women are getting anxious about this coming fall season together with valid reason. The H1N1 virus or Swine Flu is coming back. Medical doctors have warned it would be dormant and an outbreak would manifest this fall. Manufacturers are struggling to produce plenty of vaccine but fear they will not be able making enough. There is another solution that’s protected, EPA approved as non-toxic to humans, approved for hospital staph along with bubonic plague and is also easily accessible. What I’m discussing is Silver Shield with Aqua Sol technology. The Patent number is 7,135,195. You could appear this in place in case you like.

Silver Shield Gel is an incredible hand sanitizer. It not merely kills bacteria and viruses though it does so for 4 hours after application. Could your hand sanitizer do that? In addition, it moisturizes skin and contains no alcohol. It should be applied just as other hand sanitizers as well as it can be placed inside the nostrils and around the jaws.

Silver Shield Liquid may be the companion in prevention that is considered internally. This product doesn’t metabolize in your program. There will be Infrared Thermometer for sale with the effective use of this brand new innovation. The truth is, ninety to 95 percent of it is out of your body the original day. What it can do is recharge itself to destroy other, yeast, bacteria, and viruses pathogens as it experiences every cell.

H1N1 as we all recognize is a highly catching health issues. Over 400 deaths have been completely found after the very first outbreak. travel and Attendance in schools and function have already been tremendously affected. Many folks are trying to avoid getting the H1N1 virus by wearing face masks and using hand sanitizer. I agree this disease mustn’t enter the methods of ours and that we must do just about all that we are able to to stop this from taking place. Regular daily use of both Silver Shield and Silver Shield Gel is the greatest defense we’ve.

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