Microwave Oven Safe Utensils

No need to buy a new set of plates or ovenware to use in a microwave oven. – Most kitchens will store glass plates, clay pots, plastic bowls, paper and cardboard or baskets that can be used in microwaves.

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Glass plates with metallic silver or silver color are not suitable due to the possibility of sparks when placed in the oven.

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Can not use metal plates, pans, thermometers, metal skewers or foil trays can be in any oven.

The plastic labeled ‘Dishwasher safe’ is often safe with microwaves as well. Canned food should not be heated in cans and when using foil, should not touch the bottom, top or side of the microwave.

What is safe?

Heat resistant clear glass and ceramic bowls are safe and suitable ovens for microwave cooking.

Therefore, heavy pottery or chinaware depends on the limitations mentioned earlier.

Corningware or Pyrex and similar brands are often used as microwave devices.

‘Special’ microwave cookware, heavy-duty plastic is excellent for cooking with microwave and roasting.

Check the stores for other brands. Tupperware for heavy work is appropriate. But not a softer plastic Melamine is a mixture of metals and should not be used.

Plastic freezer bags are ideal containers for cooking vegetables such as spinach (ready to cut) or beans in frozen bag containers. Do not use the metal tie in the microwave oven.

There may be many ways to use paper towels. Use a towel to protect the rice or meat and between the bacon pieces to absorb the liquid or the frame and the steamed food can be steamed by using a damp dish towel to wrap the food to the desired humidity.

May use a foam cup once But cannot be reused. The high temperature of the liquid may cause these cups to melt.

Browning plates are trays or casserole dishes specially coated with tin oxide base.

These bases do not allow microwaves to pass through the dish.

But absorbs waves and acts as a hot surface, thus helping the food to be brown in oil or a little stir fry, such as sauteing onions and garlic in Asian cooking.

For the brown palette to work efficiently, it must be heated (without lid) at a high level (100%) for 7 minutes.

May add some oil after or during warming. Browning food is known to crack at high temperatures.

Check each formula using a brown plate and heat at the specified time.

The brown dish should not be heated for more than 8 minutes. Otherwise, it may be too hot and cause the oven rack to break, which is made of glass.

Microwave suitability test

Place an empty plate and a glass of water in the microwave. Cook with a height of 1 minute

If hot water and cold plates are touched, it will be safe for microwaves

If the hot plate may be used for microwave oven or food warming

If the dish is hot, it’s not safe for microwave cooking.

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