Hot Water Heater Thermostat Repair Guide

The bulk of electric hot water heaters in our homes have 2 thermostats and 2 coils which heat up the lower and upper part of the container. Additionally, there are a few models with 3 heating elements that further complicates things. That being said the appropriate approach to diagnosing then correcting the thermostat makes things alot simpler.

Check the lower and upper thermostats

You must begin both checking both the upper and lower thermostats. You are able to take a look at the upper ingredient at the two terminals that are put on the top. Use a volt meter to check if there’s 220V reaching the terminals. If there is a reading which is both fluctuating and is very low then it means that there isn’t enough power attaining the coil. This will require that the thermostat pertaining to that particular coil be changed.

Changing the thermostat

To be able to remove and put in the new thermostat turn off the strength to the unit, then unscrew the access plate. Remove the upper and lower access plates. Several versions have a single screw while others have two. You’ll want to save the insulation which pops out for when you deal with the plate back in. It’d additionally be a smart idea to eliminate the plastic covers from both thermostats.

Checking for faults in the circuit

Before you can check the circuits for faults flip the electrical energy or the breaker on. Utilizing a volt meter check each point of the coils and also make sure that current is flowing to them. said make sure that you do not set the thermostat on the white limit.

Turn the knob of your thermostat to first’ A’ or’ 1′ 4 5 minutes and also watch that coil turns on. Then turn best programmable thermostat to’ B’ or’ 2′ and also then’ C’ or’ 3′ etc. Each time watch which coils are available on. If there is one coil or maybe both coils which do not start throughout this process it means the thermostat has to be changed.

Changing the thermostat

Riding in out the existing thermostat is very simple. You only need to tug on the bracket a little bit until you notice the wire connections behind it. Remove each insert and try to remember where each wire went. Then take the thermostat to a supply store near you and ask them for a replacement. In order to put back the new thermostat simply reverse that which you did. Always make sure of the wire connections to ensure they’re fit well into the thermostat. You are able to fasted loose wires with a few wire tape. After that push the thermostat back in and turn the unit on.

Changing the thermostat and also the coils is among the easiest hot water repair processes. It can also enable you to save a lot of dollars. However, since you are talking about an electrical source always make sure you are grounded and use gloves. Also constantly check out if there is present inside the circuit before doing anything else. An electric powered shock from these devices is definitely not a pleasurable experience by a measure.

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