How Social Media Can Be Used for Successful Direct Marketing Campaigns recently published the findings of its 2009 Social Media Reference Study of nearly 3,000 professionals across the United States.

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Some of the main findings included that webinars and podcasts were the learning tools most enjoyed by professionals.

Facebook was chosen through Twitter as the best social networking platform to connect with customers.

The report describes a broad view of how media sites are used in the current business community.

Some of the main findings in the study were:

Webinars and podcasts are the primary tools used by business professionals, with 69% of participants taking advantage of their power to obtain information and professional development.

80% choose Facebook as their primary social network, and companies have one or more profiles.

Twitter was thought to be used by 45% of respondents. The most obvious was that 77% of the companies have a presence in both sites.

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There is an approach to control access to social networks in organizations.

Those who used social networks for marketing were 62% who saw the profiles of businesses and brands on the sites and 55% who obtained information from the sites to receive commercial information.

Most respondents thought that this should be reconsidered because of the commercial value in that activity.

Marketing professionals and consultants were the most used by these sites to collect commercial information.

Ironically, information technology workers use fewer social networking sites.

More companies and employees are learning all they can about the use of new media sources, as they identify it as the marketing device of the modern era.

The average respondent uses seven different social media sites and tools.

71% of companies with less than two years of experience are in the use of social networks as a business tool.

The development of brand awareness and the reputation of the brand were among the primary metrics used to determine the success of the campaign.