Brew Belgian Beer at Property

Belgian beer is really rather special. Whether it’s the fruity Lambics or the Abbey or Trappiste beers which you like, there are surely hundreds from which to choose.

Do not feel the Stellas, Jupiler and similar Interbrew mass produced draft beers are typical of the region. If you drink a real Belgian beer, you will know the difference. The trouble is, although becoming increasingly popular, it is still not too easy to find a pint of beer being sold outside of Belgium. Well, now you can brew your personal and they are astonishingly great.

Many homebrew companies now produce beer kits that produce very good imitations of the more well understand Belgian style beers. Belgian beer kits generally take a few weeks longer to brew than the ordinary beer apparel to accomplish a higher alcohol content and subtle Abbey beer style flavours.

Brewferm now produce 13 distinct styles of Belgian beer kits, every one of which will make between 7 and 20 litres of beer. In addition to the more common Pils, Gold and Wheat beer designs, you can also try the more adventurous Gallia, Diabolo, Abbey, Ambiorix, Triple, Old Brown, Grand Cru rather than denying their rather superb Christmas ale. Or, if you enjoy a fruit beer, then the Lambic Kriek or Framboise might be for you. I have known a lot of women who thought they didn’t like beer, who then tried a Kriek cherry beer or a Framboise raspberry beer and immediately changed their heads.

Be warned however. A few of these beers aren’t for the faint hearted, such as the Grand Cru and Triple at about 8,0percent abv, even though this isn’t excellent for a Belgian beer. Having said this, the Pils and Wheat beers are a more everyday tipple in 4,5% and 5,0 percent. These kits are fairly priced and quite straightforward to brew at home.

Milestone Crusader is another popular Belgian style beer apparel. This is a blonde style Beer with a zesty clean end and at approximately 4.4% really drinkable.

Finally, I Would like to mention the Beers of the World kits. The Trappist Tripel is light and powerful with a fruity character. Although high in alcohol its own body stays light because of the inclusion of real Belgian”candi sugar”. Wheat beers, whilst deservedly popular all around the world, have till now been rather hard to brew at home. This kit sets that right.

It’ll make 10 litres of excellent beer for the purchase price of approximately #13. Try locating a Tripel for that cost on your area.

So that gives you a quick overview of the Belgian beer kits which you can try in your home. It’s a lot simpler than you may think and the results beverage for themselves. And when Australian bourbon is your first time trying homebrew, do not forget that your second batch will be much cheaper without the startup equipment costs.

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